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This is an introduction level course designed for those with little or no experience in rock climbing. You will learn how to rock climb on bolted routes – both following and leading – and all the related safety skills.

Educational course

This course is packed with instruction and teaching as well as good climbing

Learn climbing in Chamonix

Learn rock climbing from our UIAGM Mountain Guides in the Mecca of alpinism, Chamonix Mont Blanc

Beginner friendly

You do not need any previous rock climbing experience to join this course. Indoor climbing experience is an advantage.

5 day intensive rock climbing course for beginners

Rock climbing is exhilarating sport that demands strength, endurance, agility and good mental control. It also requires a wide range of skills in order to be safe in the vertical world. 

Historically, rock climbing was an important component of Alpine mountaineering. Since then, it has evolved into a separate sport in it’s own right, which is technically varied and increasingly athletic. 

Chamonix and the surrounding area offer amazing rock climbing in beautiful natural settings. We have fantastic multi-pitch routes for climbers of all levels. 

We designed this course for those who have little or no previous rock climbing experience but are passionate about outdoor activities, or have climbed indoors and want to progress to outdoor rock climbing.

Throughout this course, you will learn everything you need to know to be confident climbing bolted single and multi pitch routes with more experienced friends. 

We will teach you the basic rock climbing techniques, how to read the rock, spot the easiest passages available and how to position your body to maximize use of the hand and foot holds. 

You will learn the most important knots, how to belay your partner, rappel, how to safely set the anchor, correctly clip rope into karabiners, etc. 

As the course progresses and you become more confident, you will, if you choose to and under supervision of your guide, lead a route in easy terrain where you can practice the skills you have learned in previous days. 

In the event of bad weather, we have option to go to Italy where the weather is usually different. In the very rare event of bad weather everywhere (France, Italy and Switzerland) we will teach you the essential rope work and safety skills in the local indoor gym.

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Price per person for groups of minimum 3 participants

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Beginner tech level  
Fitness level 3/5
5 day course
Available June - October
Guiding ratios 1:6 and 1:3



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