Climb Mont Blanc

The roof of Western Europe, the mighty Mont Blanc stands at 4810m high, and has to be the most sort after summit on this side of the globe for keen climbers and mountaineers alike.

Guided ascent of Mont Blanc Without requiring a huge amount of previous technical mountaineering experience, Mont Blanc is still not to be scoffed at and remains one of the most physically demanding and dangerous summits of the Alps. However, with prior physical training and a good programme of preparation and acclimatisation under the close supervision of a Chamex Guide, you will be in the best possible position to achieve a successful summit. We offer a choice of programmes ranging from our most popular 6 day course via the Classic Mont Blanc Route, to the more technical ascent from the Italian side, as well as shorter 3 day courses for those clients with whom we have already climbed before or who have the ability and experience to acclimatize and train independently prior to the ascent. Private itineraries are always available for anyone who would prefer a customised approach and the flexibility of choosing their own dates. For experienced confident off-piste skiers and ski tourers, we also have the magical experience of ascending and descending Mont Blanc on skis!


Alpinist’s Mont Blanc course

An engaging course merging together our educational Alpine Climbing course with our popular Mont Blanc climbing course. You will learn a range of fundamental mountaineering skills, finishing the week with a summit of the impressive Mont Blanc.

Monte Rosa – Mont Blanc course

New six-days program designed to climb two 4000m peaks (Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc). This course was created in 2022 in response to the changing climatic conditions in our mountains..

Climb Mont Blanc 6 Day Course

A six-day course designed to climb two 4000m peaks (Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc). We allocate 3 days for the Mont Blanc ascent to maximise your chance of reaching the summit.

Mont Blanc – Exclusive Experience

Climb Mont Blanc by the normal route over 4 days with a private mountain guide. We propose this package for single climbers or private climbing teams of 2.


Climb Mont Blanc via the Italian Route

Climb Monte Bianco on a less frequented but more challenging itinerary than the classic Mont Blanc route.

Mont Blanc 3 Days Extension

A unique and challenging 3 day itinerary to climb Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest summit