Off Piste Courses

Chamonix Experience offers a range of off-piste ski courses for all levels. We work with some of the best ski instructors and UIAGM mountain guides to maximize your progression and enhance your experience.

Off piste progression courses in Chamonix Chamonix is the birthplace of off-piste skiing and is widely known as a mecca for freeride skiing. The terrain is extensive and much of it is easily accessible for those who know where to safely go. We offer courses for all abilities; from complete off-piste beginners, to those who want to improve their technique in the backcountry, and even experienced powder hounds who can’t resist the challenge of some of Chamonix's steep skiing such as the Pas de Chèvre or the Rectiligne couloir. Whatever your standard, we have an off-piste ski course for you so contact us now with your requirements and let us plan the rest.


You have a good level skiing on piste, and are comfortable skiing on all groomed runs, making small turns, turning on demand, and skiing moguls/ bumps. You have no experience venturing off - piste, and would like to get further from the lifts - skiing powder and “natural” mountain snow.

Chamonix Off-Piste Course

Great introduction to off-piste skiing in Chamonix, taught by ENSA qualified ski instructors. This 5 day course will take you away from the groomed runs to discover Chamonix's vast and varied backcountry terrain.


You regularly practice backcountry skiing and have a solid repetoire. You ski confidently in all types of backcountry snow, and are comfortable in couloirs (gullies) up to 35°. You’d like to improve by learning the methods of ski alpinism - climbing couloirs with an ice axe and crampons - skis on the backpack, skiing longer and more committing itineraries.

Off-Piste Performance Ski Course

Transform your off-piste skiing from good to excellent on a 5 day advanced ski clinic in Chamonix. Join Chamex in the search for powder!


You ski often, and at a high level. You ski both side country and backcountry, as well as ski-alpinism. You are steady and comfortable on any terrain. You ski couloirs (gullies) up to 40° and would like to improve your steep skiing and mountain skiing skills. You are familiar with avalanche companion rescue techniques and glacier safety methods. You have previous experience with crampons on ice and mixed ground, and can belay and rappel. You have participated in assorted multi-day, hut to hut ski tours in the Alps.

Steep Skiing Course Chamonix

Five days of expert tuition in steep skiing techniques, safety skills in big mountain skiing, avalanche safety training and most importantly skiing amazing lines in the Chamonix backcountry.