Prestigious Peaks

Chamonix is home to the most famous peaks in the Alps including mighty Mont Blanc, but we are also within striking distance of over 60 other iconic peaks, such as Gran Paradiso, Matterhorn, Eiger and Monte Rosa.

Summit the most iconic Alpine peaks with Chamonix Experience mountain guides. We offer a range of 6 day courses for those with limited mountaineering experience who are aiming to climb their first 4000m peak. Beautifully challenging summits such as Grand Paradiso and Monta Rosa are possible options, as well as the more technically and physically demanding rocky summits of the Matterhorn and Eiger. On a private basis we can offer a more tailored approach, with privately guided courses from 2 to 6 days depending on your fitness, acclimatisation rate and level of experience. EIGER The Eiger is a 3970m high mountain in the Bernese Oberland region of the Alps. It is part of the Jungfrau (4158m) - Mönch (4107m) - Eiger mountain ridge formation. While Eiger is not the highest peak of the three, it is the most famous and respected one, particularly in the climbing community. The fame of the Eiger comes from its most impressive north face - an 1800m high steep wall. Not only is it the biggest north face in the Alps, it is also considered to be one of the most difficult and dangerous ascents. MATTERHORN The Matterhorn (also known as Monte Cervino in Italian or Mont Cervin in French) is probably the most iconic mountain in the Alps; the typical pyramid shape of the Matterhorn summit is familiar even to those who don’t have any mountaineering background. This 4478m high mountain is in the Swiss alpine region of Zermatt in the Pennine Alps on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It has four steep faces surrounded by glaciers, the north face of which is known for being one of “The Trilogy” of the three biggest north faces of the Alps.


Climb the Gran Paradiso (4061m)

Climb your first 4000m peak in the Alps & train for the high mountains in Chamonix


Climb the Matterhorn 6 day Course

Guided ascent of the beautifully exposed Hornli Ridge to the summit of the Matterhorn

Climb Eiger 6 Day Course

6 day alpine climbing course in Chamonix, finishing with a trip to Grindelwald to climb the Eiger 3970m


Eiger Mittellegi Ridge extension

Summit the Eiger in Switzerland via the Mittellegi Ridge route, an iconic climb in the Bernese Oberland. This ascent is for climbers who recently joined one of our preparation courses and are trained and acclimatised.