Rock Climbing Trips

Chamonix Experience rock climbing trips and expeditions to our favourite places offering a world class quality climbing.

Join us on our trips and expeditions all over the world and discover some of rock climbing’s true hidden gems. We work with Chamex team guides as well as local mountain guides to ensure the best experience. Our trips are a blend of climbing the best routes in the area and cultural experience of the country. Our 2020 trips include climbing in Czech Republic and France.


You have solid experience in the mountains or rock climbing. You’ve already completed multiple ascents graded French AD or harder and long, multi-pitch rock climbs. You are self sufficient with the basic equipment and safety techniques of multi pitch rock climbing. You can lead climb up to French 5 on rock/ gym and alpine routes up to French PD. You can follow up to French 6a-6b on rock and alpine routes graded French D.

Climb Sandstone Towers in the Czech Republic

Visit Prague and climb the world famous sandstone towers in Czech Republic. Enjoy the exceptional climbing, food and culture.

5 days rock climbing in Verdon Gorge

NEW FOR 2020 Experience rock climbing in one of the most amazing limestone areas in France. Stunning Gorge du Verdon, up to 700m deep with its steep, white cliffs offers world class climbing of all levels and styles.