- Climb Mont Blanc -

An exceptional course combining our two most popular courses – Our educational alpine climbing course teaching you all the most important mountaineering essentials, followed by a prestigious Mont Blanc summit ascent.

Educational course

This package includes 3 days of technical and safety training

Small guiding ratio

Climb more technical routes and experience more personalized instruction

Mont Blanc hut

We take care of the logistics including the hut reservations for you

Learn basic alpine climbing skills and climb the Mont Blanc

This course have been designed to be educational, teaching all the basic safety skills and techniques involved in summer mountaineering, including a guided ascent of the Mont Blanc as the grand finale of the week. 

The course is divided into two parts: 3 days of instruction, climbing and acclimatization and 3 days to climb Mont Blanc. If you are looking to get your teeth stuck into some real mountaineering, as well as climbing Mont Blanc, then this course is for you. 

First 3 Days Mountaineering Instruction

The preparation days will teach you the skills needed for Mont Blanc ascent and much more. We will cover, glacier travel safety skills, crampon and ice axe techniques, essential mountaineering knots, and basic mixed climbing skills to name just few. Small guiding ratios from day 2 allow for a personal approach and more technical style climbing.  

As we will climb at high altitude during the preparation days, you will become both more comfortable and acclimatised in readiness for the final big summit push at the end of the week.

Mont Blanc Ascent 3 Days

We will climb the Mont Blanc via the normal route on the last 3 days of the course. Following your alpine climbing training beforehand, you will now have a better understanding and sense of confidence for the ascent. You should feel comfortable on crampons and be more familiar with the safety techniques and reasoning behind the planning and decisions taken by the guides.

We run this course from beginning of June until end of September. We strongly recommend that you book as soon as possible, ideally by the preceding autumn, so that we can secure your places in the mountain huts. Please contact us for dates and guide availability. 

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Intermediate tech level
6 days course
June - September
4/5 Fitness level
1:2 guiding ratio for 5 days
3 nights in huts



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