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A wild and spectacular ski tour for experienced skiers, topping out at 4061 m! The Grand Paradiso National park is an unspoiled mountain treasure. Comfortable huts contrast the testing mountains!

Visit the Gran Paradiso National Park

Ski a 4000m peak

Savour Italian food and wine

Remote five day ski tour summiting italy’s 4000m peak

The summit of the Gran Paradiso was first climbed in 1860 by J. J. Cowell, W. Dundas, M-A. Payot and J. Tairraz. Over time it has become a landmark for beginner mountaineers, and climbing it will be an unforgettable day. The first ski tour was completed in 1932, and today’s route is the route taken by these pioneers.

Standing at 4 061m, the Gran Paradiso is a proud, solitary summit in the western Italian alps. Located in the Valle d'Aosta region, it is the only 4,000m peak not sharing a border with another country. It lends it's name to the massif (which is the only summit to exceed 4,000 meters) and to the national park. 

The Gran Paradiso National Park was created in 1856 as the royal hunting reserve of King Vittorio Emanuele II , to protect the ibex,  and in 1922 became the first Italian national park. There is an abundance of wildlife in the park. Located between Piemonte and the Valle d'Aosta, it covers an area of 70,318 hectares and is a wild, wonderful environment for ski touring.

A 5-day circuit leaving from and returning to Cogne via the summit of the Gran Paradiso and the beautiful and wild valley of Piantonetto. We will enjoy legendary Italian food and hospitality, taking in this mythical mountain from a special and unique perspective.

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Price per person for a group of 4 skiers.

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Advanced tech level  
Fitness level 5/5
5 days of skiing
4 nights in huts
Guiding ratio 1:4
Available March - April



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